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Zuzanna Kozlowska


Antoni Gaudi once said that “The Straight line belongs to men, the curved one to God.” This may suggest why the curved line still exists in art despite attempts from the Cubists and Abstract Expressionist like Mondrian to purge it from existence. But it is one thing to include the curve and another to honor it, and yet another to master it by working through an infinite number of possibilities and choosing only those that are most interesting and beautiful. Zuzanna Kozowska’s drawing; painting and work on cloth are prime examples.


Below is Zuzanna’s Artist Statement:


Over the last twelve years I have explored various human emotions using a range of mediums and styles of expression. The last two years I have become focused on expressing in a state of awareness which has lead me to create the collection of work I call ‘Energists’. 


The work is an exercise in being present and connected. It’s an intuitive and fluid process that comes from a meditative state of responding to the moment.  Some of the pieces reflect particular people that I’ve connected with, while others reflect a particular time. I enjoy exploring the differences and similarities between things that can be felt, and I have come to respect the ability to see what I feel when I look at a work I’ve completed. Each piece tells a story of a level of intensity, space, cognition and chemistry (amongst other things). It is a snip-it of the flow of life unfolding in the present moment.


 The nature of the work has led me to utilize mediums that allow for capturing such essence in time. I sometimes use metallic surfaces and sheen fabrics to incorporate light and add reflection. My collection of painted wearables was created to bring life to the work through the movement and breath of the individual that is wearing it and inspiring it, while also seeing the work move through the world as a form of body art. Having grown up in a family of artists, my mother’s fashion design career has been both an inspiration and a reminder of the individual nature of style versus the transience and collective aspect of fashion. Her women’s gowns are timeless, fluid and elegant and serve as the canvas for the majority of my wearable pieces. For other wearables, I work with a talented local fashion designer.


The lesson in my work is as much for me as it is a message that I like to talk about. In reflection, the collection of people that have influenced the work is as vast and varied as the moments that needed to be expressed.  A perfection of craft may be achievable, but the power and beauty is in the energy and the emotion of the moment. The collection of chosen individuals & time is the first collection that I have elected to share. It is my authentic interpretation of presence and a celebration of what is.

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