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     For those who live in the greater New York City area and who have been fully vaccinated or still have antibodies from having Covid 19, I will offer an opportunity to rethink the artwork staring back at you from your living room wall while you were confined to your apartment for the last year and enjoy time away from home in a safe and enriching experience. Starting on April 2nd, you can accompany me on a studio visit offered by a select group of New York artists. These private sessions can be scheduled at your convenience. Simply email me the name of the artist or artists whose work you want to view along with the day and time you would like to see them, and I will check their availability. I am pleased that the following accomplished artists agreed to open their studios to you:

Click photos to go to their websites

Linus Coraggio
A 3pc portal called The Birth of Venus (
Linus Coraggio
Philip Smallwood
Gregory de la Haba
entre el aliento y saliva XIII.jpg
Todd Monaghan
Arthur Kwon Lee
Ana Garces Kiley
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