Exciting Changes Coming Soon

The current difficult business environment has provided a lot of time for reflection, writing and learning. During this period and as a result of all that contemplation, I have made a decision to rethink the nature of the fine art gallery in general and move in a much more exciting direction. Starting in 2021 (timing depends on Covid-19 infection rates and possible treatments and vaccines), I will broaden the scope of fine art to include emerging fashion designers, filmmakers as well as painters, sculptors and mixed media artists. 

I believe that the digital presentation of art for sale is limited in its effectiveness for a host of reasons and am committed to continuing live exhibitions and events when possible. Please continue to check this page on my website and look for announcements on Instagram and Facebook. Those on my mailing list will continue to receive updates.

See you in 2021,


© 2013 by Paul Calendrillo 


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