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Timothy Warren Williams

Southern California artist Timothy Warren Williams’ reclaimed object artwork tells personal stories while taking the viewer through several counter-culture scenes and historical events endemic to Los Angeles: Gun violence, wildfires,  surfing/skateboarding, Gothic Music/Film/Fashion, Gothic Music/Film/Fashion, Eco Awareness, and motorcycles.  


Found and\or "resurrected" objects such as surfboards and wetsuits, stringed instruments, boat portholes and propellers, vintage door and window frames, scrap steel, et al are subject to sculpture by guns, fire, long exposure to rain and sun, power tools, muscle power, dragged behind cars, or soaked in the Pacific ocean for decomposition.  The distressed objects are sculpted further, re-assembled then layered in paint to frame Williams' poems within paintings, photography, collage, and video, on yet more reclaimed material. If the appropriate frame cannot be found, it will be constructed from as many reclaimed objects as possible.


Select Collectors include Hammer Museum/Hammer Galleries Michael Hammer, Galerie Gmurzynska's Isabelle Bscher and Krystyna Gmurzynksa, Guggenheim Board Director Gigi Kracht, Guggenheim Latin American Curator Camila Sol de Pool, Critics Anthony Haden Guest, Jaqueline Miro and Shana Nys Dambrot, The Estate of Ed Moses, Film Director Alan Mindel, Musicians David J and Stephen Perkins, and Record Producer Geza X.


Timothy Warren Williams is a Pepperdine University graduate with a BA Fine Art Degree.  He is currently working on first feature film Let's Take the Hearse to Mexico with Grammy nominated Producer Joel Newton. He plays drums with David J (Bauhaus/Love and Rockets), and is a multi instrumentalist in the Tribal-Gothadelic band Black Cat Gallery. He lives and works in Los Angeles.

Follow Timothy on Instagram at:  timothywarrenwilliams

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