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Inside another surfboard, "The Destruction of Precious Things", a small video screen is installed for the viewer to watch the poem-scrawling/gun-sculpting process on the same board.


For a Dark Ocean, Dark See a cow skull is chemically drenched and sun bleached.  A black and white, slow motion, oceanic video is projected on the skull.  The two segmented looped video flows from tranquil white with black to inverted black with white, oil spill-drowning values.  For Skeleton Guitar Stand, cow bones are dremel-sculpted then fused onto custom welded collapsible stands with bone-like epoxy clay.


Another trip to hell within the City of Angels is Psych Ward Rainbow.  After being smashed in traffic by high-velocity texter, Williams was driven into a several circled odyssey of pain and shame.  After two spinal epidural shots, years of physical therapy, and an over-prescribed, incongruous regiment of pain killers, sleeping pills, and anti anxiety medication, Williams became intensely ill, and suffered more pain moving studio.  When the prescribing doctor offered shock and fear instead of solutions or help, the patient quit drugs abruptly, inducing drug psychosis.  Next, Williams was diagnosed as spectrum bipolar by a cash-only psychiatrist, given new meds, and suffered a nervous breakdown.  After attempting suicide twice and starving himself from drug induced paranoia of swallowing,  Williams was committed to Alhambra Mental Hospital for two weeks. Inside he was routinely bullied by inmates with a plaster of paris penis, forced to take pills galore and found himself in company with his art dealer's ex-girlfriend.  Rainbow, his spouse, and her routine visits were a candle in the dark.  The condition for release required a brand new psychiatrist who prescribed multiple-anti depressants sending Williams into an abyss of clinical depression.  For over a year of zombie trance living, Williams then tried six of twelve prescribed sessions of electric shock therapy. The sessions wiped out both short and long term memories.  Finally, with strong persuasion by Rainbow to seek prayer at a Malibu Messianic gathering by " a slim, cool Chinese guy with a yellow bowtie," the depression went nearly nil in minutes.  3 weeks later it was gone for good. Months later, Williams had his largest art sale direct to Hammer Museum/Hammer Galleries owner Michael Hammer near $100,000 with the outrageous Hammer trade of his custom Rick Doss Gothic-Harley chopper, for one of Williams' playing card, window works "A Dream of Two Lovers."   With the Harley christened, "Goth Rocket I" Williams rode on. 


Williams says the only work he got done during the three year pill-popping debacle was placing prescription medication bottles in sandwich bags.  For Psych Ward Rainbow seven pyramids were cast each in a different colored resin with the prescription bottles floating inside.  Each pyramid rests on a rusted institution-like steel tower, and is illuminated by a hidden light.below. The multi-colored pyramids represent Williams' three Rainbows: his long suffering spouse, the full spectrum of medications imbibed, God's promise of survival and gold after trials.  Once again in sculpture as funeral relics- this time as tombs, with a point toward heaven.

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