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Shauna Finn

Shauna Finn’s current work centers around women in sumptuous gowns, or enveloped in layers of sheer fabric. Playing with the way light interacts with various material from tulle, to satin, to sparkly beaded lace, Shauna explores the magical possibilities of oil paint. Using indirect painting techniques and a limited palette, she pushes subtleties of light toward a mysterious ethereality, taking the work beyond straightforward realism. According to Shauna, “There are themes of beauty, femininity, romance, death, the supernatural, the fantastical, various mythologies and narrative possibilities all glimmering in my unconscious as I work. However, my intent is to leave space for the viewer’s imagination, so that he or she can connect to the work in unique ways.”


Shauna Finn is a figurative painter living in Jersey City. She received her BFA from the University of San Francisco and California College of the Arts, and in 2005 she graduated from the New York Academy of Art with an MFA in painting. She has attended art residencies in Italy, France, St. Barth and Ireland. She teaches painting in the New York Academy of Art’s Continuing Education program, and is the 3D Art Teacher at Elisabeth Irwin High School in Manhattan. 

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