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Sarah Doherty 

The surreal undertones and striking use of color proclaim and reinforce the understated truth that all abstract painting somehow and in some way begins with an image found outside the mind of the artist. 


Sarah’s methodology and technique mirror the drama of the Renaissance with high chiaroscuro images in dark shadows and ethereal light. She masterfully combines complex interplay of color and observation of detail into a surrealist guessing game between the familiar and the uninvestigated. Her work begs us to search through the finite details of subjects on the micro and macroscopic level and open-up to stimulating surprises. 


Sarah first learned the fundamentals of color theory, shadows and layout from her grandfather and continued her studies receiving a BFA from the University Saskatchewan. Sarah’s work is widely exhibited in Canada and most recently in New York. 


Sarah manages youthful exuberance and passion with a mature, skilled hand. She lives and paints in Saskatoon, Canada.



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