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Regina Davis 

In the late decades of the 1800s, a group of young French artists reacted against prevailing materialism and rationalism and founded a new philosophy of life and art. They believed deeply that reality is best expressed in symbols and poetry. For them, what is real cannot be replicated on canvas but will emerge in a coincident world of ideas. The work of Regina Davis Izaguirre clearly builds upon this philosophy.


She was raised in Mexico City caught between the confinements of mystical, ancient Ritual beliefs and strict Catholicism, a life that has made her keenly aware of the dualities of life and death, dark vs. light, and the physical vs. the psychic. The passionate meaning underlying her work is advanced in a visual narrative of cultural symbols and iconography bringing to mind the magic of Remedios Varos and the emotional symbolic realism of Frida Kahlo. Each enrich, worship and enhance an optimistic philosophy that embraces the notion that we can take comfort in what is beyond physical reality.


Regina garners intellectual material from an intense study of texts, theories and philosophical inquiries, and more importantly, from observations of human isolation and interaction. She translates her deep feelings into visual ideas that focus on the human figure in communion with symbolic elements. She continually works to find deeper meanings in a search for elements of a collective cultural consciousness.


Regina is largely self-taught but has advanced her studies at the Art League in Alexandria, VA, at the Art Students League of New York and the Water Street Atelier in New York, NY.


She is a dual citizen of Mexico and the United States and lives and works in New York.

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