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Crazy Years: A Contemporary Interpretation of Art in New York During the Roaring Twenties


Lori Cuisinier

Sean Donovan

Blake Emory

Andres Giles

Sarah Doherty Heinrichs

Asako Iwasawa

Alejandro Tejeda Mora

Courtney Murphy


Opening Reception October 20th, 2015 from 6pm to 9pm

Emory Arts Gallery


Counterpoint and Vernal Mystery

Jesse Best

Regina Davis

Andre Eamiello

Linda Louis

Alejandro Tejeda Mora

Opening Reception August 20th 2015 from 6pm to 8pm

New Century Artists Gallery



Blake Emory

Zuzanna Kozlowska

Collaboration with Tesla Motors

Opening Reception August 4th - 7th 201

Tesla Motors Chelsea

Kyle Andrew Spyrka


Opening Reception March 5th from 6pm to 8pm

New Century Artists Gallery


Out With the Old. In With the Few.

January 3 through January 18

Opening Reception January 6th from 6pm to 9pm

RIVAA Gallery Roosevelt Island


Regina Davis Opening Reception at Crema Restaurant NYC December 2, 2014



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