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Patricia (Tricia) Moretti

Patricia’s artistic sensibilities are woven deep into her genetic structure. She is the great great niece of the pre Raphaelite artist, Albert Moore, who in turn was the son and brother of painters.  Where Moore used delicate tones to drape tissue-like garments on his female subjects, Patricia defines her palette with a modernist spectrum and subtle tones in the background.  Her work reflects her admiration for Picasso and the influence of surrealists but maintains a unique playfulness and balance with careful attention to construction.


Patricia attended the world renowned Glasgow School of Art and is a member of the Royal Glasgow Institute.   She has exhibited in galleries throughout the UK and recently was responsible for the art work at Incognito Bistro in Chelsea, New York City.  


She paints primarily in oils and acrylic and has also worked on producing etchings using steel and copper plates.  


Inspiration comes from many different sources.  In her travels around the world she captures colors and images to incorporate into her work.  Her greatest influence is from her native Scotland, where most of her work is created.  The dramatic landscape and beauty surrounding her studio inspires her to create art which is a pleasure to the eye and lyrical in its expression, drawing the viewer into the mood of the subject.


Picasso, Kandinsky and Braque have greatly influenced her approach to her art.  Patricia believes that by purchasing a painting, you are buying a little bit of the artist’s soul.



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