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2016 Exhibitions and Opening Receptions 

Curated by Paul Calendrillo




Sean Donovan

50/50 Vision

36 Year Retrospective

West Wharf Gallery

West Wharf Canal

Cardiff, Wales

January 7 - March 2, 2016




Ten Years in the Making

Regina Davis

Andre Eamiello

Stephen Hall

Alejandro Mora



December 15  2015-January 2 2016

Crazy Years: A Contemporary Interpretation of Art in New York During the Roaring Twenties


Emory Arts Gallery

211 East

October 19 -October 24







Kyle Andrew Szpryka

March 3rd to March 14th 2015

Opening Reception March 5th

Pencil on Watercolor Paper



Vernal Mystery

Linda Louis

New Century Artists Gallery

530 W 23rd St., New York , NY 4th Floor

August 18th - 29th 2015





With Tesla Motors

Blake Emory and Zuzanna Kozlowska

511 W 25th St. New York, NY

Evenings of August 4,5,6,7 2015




A Visual Argument

Jesse Best

Regina Davis

Andre Eamiello

Alejandro Tejeda Mora

New Century Artists Gallery

530 W 23rd St., New York , NY 4th Floor

August 18th - 29th 2015



Out with the Old. In with the Few.

14 Important Artists to Follow in 2015

January 3 - January 18 2015

Opening Reception January 6

Group Exhibition





Courtney Murphy

Crema Restaurant

111 17th St. NYC

6pm to 9pm

June 15th through July 6th

Opening Reception June 16th




Courtney Murphy

July 8 -July 19 2014

Opening Reception July 10

Oil on Panel and Charcoal on Paper
































Liquid Space

Sean Donovan, Celtic Welsh Artist

July 22 - Aug 1 2014

Opening Reception July 24

Acrylic on Canvas



Sarah Doherty Heinrichs

Aug 5 - Aug 16 2014

Opening Reception Aug 7

Acrylic on Canvas and Ink and Watercolor on Paper

Raíces al Alba

Regina Davis 

December 3  2014- February 12 2015

Crema Restaurant

111 West 17th ST

Curated by Paul Calendrillo

Hosted by Julieta Ballesteros






Essence is of the Time

Janeen Hunt Humphries

Sept 16 - 27 2014

Opening Reception September 18

Mixed Media

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