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Janeen Hunt-Humphries

A simple leaf, a splinter of wood, a tin can. The ignored refuse of a civilization. Meaningless to most but to a gifted few who walk a silent path that leads both to and from history, tradition and the future. In their hands, these commonplace relics raise Caravaggio from the dead; wildly shake the senses and assault linear, and encapsulated thinking. It takes honesty to make great art and that is exactly what makes Janeen's work so important. She chooses mixed media because it best reflects her deep emotions. Hunting and gathering in Cardiff, Wales is in her blood. Collage is not an option for her. It is the process of expressing visual truths left to die in the streets by the rush of technological progress. Janeen explores the juxtaposition of rough and smooth texture and will at times throw them onto the canvas or panel. She loves the whimsical nature of acrylics that are prone to speedily camouflage themselves and do exactly what they are told. To Janeen, working with impertinent oils who have a mind of their own is grudgingly annoying.


Janeen's work is premeditated. She has constant insight to where her work is headed as it becomes more structured, maintaining her disciplines throughout. Her influences are the great renaissance masters such as Titian, Caravaggio and Picasso. She uses acrylic over oils with spray-paints and stencil with the addition of ‘found’ materials – anything ranging from wooden textures to recycled tin that result in a fabulous integration of form, abstraction and lyrical expression.

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