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Courtney Murphy

Regina Davis 

Andre Eamiello


Calendrillo Contemporary is a unique and refreshing break from the impersonal and often aloof nature of many of the world’s most noted art dealers. We are recognized not only for the education we provide to everyone--not just buyers, but also how we engage the viewer into the reasons why we chose an artist for representation, what we found new and exciting about their technique, conceptual framework and the personal backgrounds that affect their work. We are one of the few dealers in New York that looks at young, highly credentialed artists and brilliant more established artists who are ready to break through the recognition plateau and who are currently overlooked.


We strongly believe that art collection is a labor of love and not simply a financial transaction initiated for profit. We want our collectors to get know our artists personally, communicate with them, follow their careers and collect their cherished pieces over a lifetime. Prices will rise, but more importantly, our collectors build a priceless legacy to hand down to their heirs that contains as much about them as it does about art and the artists.

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