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Hasan Ali and Jeremy Baker


Hasan and Jeremy use models, settings, materials, and props to bring their vision to life. The wardrobes of the envisioned characters all have their original spin, either through tone or texture. Their models are hand picked to sell an emotion that coincides with their vision of each shoot. In post-production, they aim to preserve the original vision with some alterations to bring more visual flair to the character. The goal is sell a story within a shot. The level of realism they want to achieve determines the location of each shoot. In addition, Hasan Ali directs all models.


Prior to their most recent 2019 Chelsea exhibition at my ground floor space in New York City called Synthetic Souls, we curated  their comic book creations, Cinematic Heroes. Their company, HJFILMWORLD, was recently featured in Comix Asylum Magazine. 

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