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Danielle Kyberd

Without an image there will be no conversation, without a conversation there will be no education and without education there will be no change.

What can one see in a photo portrait-- certainly much more than what is objective and obvious? In the artist’s hand, the camera goes well beyond the visual image. It captures what the mind sees and what the heart feels, which can be something very different to what the eyes perceive. When done beautifully, a portrait can tell a story, not always a happy one, but always a fascinating glimpse into a sliver of truth worn on the face or the hand. Study award winning photographer, Danielle Kyberd’s, Addiction or LGBT portfolios. In those photographs, you will see resignation to what a person has become or who they are, both sorrowful and joyous. Each one executed with technical mastery. She is inspired by her mentor and former teacher, Andrea Modica, at Drexel University where she took a Bachelor of Science Degree in Photography, Fine Art and Anthropology, the simplicity and emotional strength of Paul Strand, Nan Goldin’s ability to let a subject’s truth show through and Frederick Sommer’s depression era work. Originally from England, Danielle has most recently embarked on an ambitious body of collage, combining photographs from unrelated places around the world on irregular shaped canvases. Her unique emphasis on sub cultures, flawless technique and creative drive make Danielle an important upcoming figure in the art of photography.

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