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Blake Emory

Destined to create, Blake Emory was born to parents who live for the arts. From a young age, Emory explored the depth of his own creativity. Realizing his potential, he explored many avenues to express his vision. His journey began in early childhood when he sold his first piece. A crayon drawing of a famous baseball player he had sold to his classmate in the third grade. By the fifth grade, Blake had started his first tee-shirt business, guided by his siblings. It did not take long for this group of talented youngsters to grow in numbers and start making waves.


Emory also explored his talents as a musician, playing in various bands; he had to make a move. He found a building that would inspire any artist to start a movement. Here, Blake wrote and directed several beautiful plays, while also exploring fine art on canvas. Emory calls the experience with theater “life changing”. After realizing the harsh truth of the art world while attempting to burst through music, Emory was left with nothing but his guitar. He returned to painting.


He counted up the few coins in his pocket and came up with a meager eight dollars. He walked to a local arts and crafts store and bought a bottle of black paint and two bottles of white. He carefully selected his brush and strolled to a thrift store where he found old vinyl records by the hundreds. He painted iconic rock stars on the vinyl and began selling them in the street, where the pieces sold out in a day.


Emory was at a point in his life where things were changing. He came across another artist that had been creating art in an old warehouse. They joined and began to journey on a creative path that would eventually inspire Emory to create his own vision; Zebra Love. Riding the wave of creativity, Emory traveled to Miami, where he began to manage a gallery. The gallery was a hit. Blake brought back Zebra Love and built a mobile gallery where his path crossed with a New Yorker that invited him to bring his Zebra Love Collection to a New York gallery. Living at the gallery, he created art day and night, he finally had a chance to sculpt in stone. The art was flowing heavy; paintings, sculptures, and now film. Zebra Love continues to spearhead the movement as Emory strives to break through in all mediums of art. He currently lives in Tampa with his wife and children.

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