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Gallery Shows and Representation:

2005-Cigar theater Gallery Ybor City, Tampa, Fl.
2006-Cigar Theater Gallery 2, Ybor City, Tampa Fl
2007-Super Nova Gallery, New Orleans LA
2008-2009-Roosevelt Gallery Tampa Fl.
2008-2009-Ybor Art stand Tampa Fl.
2009-Ice Palace South Beach Miami FL
2010-Artist Revolution studios, South Beach Miami FL
2011-Artist Revolution studios, Chelsea NYC
2011-SOHO 355, Soho NYC
2011-Artropoly, Salem MASS
2012-ESP gallery Chelsea NYC
2012-Brooklyn Artist Guild, Brooklyn NY
2013-EMORY Arts Gallery South Beach, Miami FL 
2014-Spinelli Gallery, Chelsea NYC
2014-Brooklyn Artist Guild, Brooklyn NY
2014-Art Expo San Diego
2014-Art Spectrum, Art Basel, Miami FL
2014-Art Fusion Gallery, Miami Fl
2015-Art Expo NYC 
2015-Accepted by Agora Gallery, Chelsea NYC
2015-Amsterdam Whitney Gallery Chelsea NYC
2015-Rivaa Gallery, Roosevelt Island, NY
2015-Tesla Motors, Chelsea NYC
2015-Emory Arts Studio, Harlem NYC
2015-Emory Arts Gallery, Chelsea NYC
​2016-Salem Ink Gallery, Salem Mass.
2016-Emory Arts Gallery, Chelsea NYC​

1989-first art sale as a youth, portraits in crayon, Jackson Elm. Plant City FL
1992-first t-shirt design and fine art business, Jackson Elm. Plant City Fl
1992- scholarship to Arts Unite school for the gifted Tampa, Fl.
1995-sculpting award at Marshall Middle, School Plant City Fl.
1997-formed a musical act ESPIONAGE
1998-Band on tour from Florida to Vancouver Canada, playing 20 clubs
1996-2004- mural business works all over Central Florida
2004-opened Cigar Theater and gallery
2004-Wrote, produced and directed theatrical production FLIGHT OF THE BEAST
2005-Wrote, produced and directed theatrical production MONTEZUMA'S LAST PROPHECY
2006-opened Cigar Theater 2, Tampa Fl.
2006-Started musical act EZ SWANK
2006-Wrote, produced and directed theatrical production VAMPIRE'S KISS
2007-opened Roosevelt Gallery
2008-First film written and directed (Beast of Gods)
2010-2011-opened Artist Revolution Studios
2011-Satred musical act LDGP
2013-second film written and directed (The Bloodline)
2014-featured on NBC as top emerging artist of Art Basel
2014- featured in Art Magazines
2014-Third film written and directed (AKIREMA,) currently in production
2015-Emory Vodka hits the shelves depicting Name and artwork,
2015-opened EMORY ARTS GALLERY, Chelsea NY


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