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Asako Iwasawa

Asako was Born and raised in Akabane, a district in the northern Kita Ward of Tokyo with hardly any greenery. Through her youth, she developed a passionate longing for nature, and made the decision to live as a farmer in the countryside. She spent 10 years waking up at the crack of dawn, toiling in the soil before losing the daily battle against a wild, untamable natural world. 


For Asako, nature is full of thrills and wonders and fuels her imagination. She is deeply moved and inspired by its power. Never content to merely depict what can be seen, her work actualizes its essence, recreating the spirit, dreams and desire of an ideal.


Asako is particularly drawn to the world of plants and insects, fascinated by its cruelty and primordial drive to protect one’s own, yet at other times, helping each other survive through the harsh cycle of life. She aspires to portray the mysterious shapes and colors of nature, what we see and don’t see.


Asako graduated from Tama Art University, establishing a design studio with a friend, and worked with Water Studio created by Naoki Sakai, France Bed and others. She later fell in love with kimono designs and worked at batik studio designing kimono. Batik is the art of decorating cloth using wax and dye.

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