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Andre Eamiello

There is something new, fresh and unique in André’s work. I first saw his paintings in a Chelsea gallery. They had the feel of an action painting, but I could make out what appeared to be a leaf skillfully placed, painted an integrated in an abstract work that in a sense resembled the deconstruction of a plot of land covered by flowers.


André employs a unique painting process that combines watercolor and earth ephemera, natural objects that normally have a limited lifespan, to create a nature aesthetic that is both landscape and figurative, abstract and representational. From the fusion of dream state imagination and action painting, structures emerge that evoke the botanical, the aquatic, and the celestial. Andre’s most recent influences have been derived from particle physics, observations from the Hubble telescope and from the book, Journey of the Universe.


André grew up in various towns along the Connecticut coastline.  During this peripatetic childhood, while other relationships proved fleeting, he developed a profound connection to the natural surroundings of his environment. This affinity for place endured even after he left Connecticut in 2004 to attend San Francisco Art Institute. At SFAI he experimented with different types of environmental immersion, including public social intervention projects. During his post graduate work, he collaborated with other artists in San Francisco, such as Tony Labat, Brion Nuda Rosch, and Julio Cesar Morales. Returning to the East coast, André came to Western Connecticut University in 2012 where he has focused on developing a practice that unites his interest in biology, metaphor, and personal connection to landscape. Artists that have made a lasting impression on Andre include Paul Cezanne, August Vincent Tacks who shares similar structural elements, Sigmar Polke, Jackson Pollock and Matisse’s cut-outs.


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