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Ana Garces Kiley

I am interested in using paint and transparent materials to create multi-layered compositions that, through a play with light, reflection, and shadow, explore simultaneity of image and emptiness.  I have also taken some work off the wall and foregone the opacity of the traditional canvas. They now suspend or sit in the center of the room like a portal. 


I stretch both sides with transparent voile and add an acrylic insert to create three layers on which I paint, print and etch.  Each layer interacts with the others, weaving a complex composition of images, shadows, moiré and reflections.  


My work transforms the human body into a magical realist vessel for embodying archetypes of death, desire and our collective unconscious –those very things that make us most human and most enigmatic.  In response to a predominantly male depiction of sexuality throughout art history, as a woman I want to depict sexuality and sensuality from a feminine perspective.  Rejecting the traditional opacity of the canvas, I employ voile to unveil the complexity of our ephemeral nature.


Literature, like the magical realism of Garcia Marquez with its vivid presence of color and the ideas of a collective unconscious, has influenced my work. Marquez, like Juan Rulfo, who wrote Pedro Paramo, is a terrific take on death and how closely it can be a part of this life. 


Gender issues also play a large role in what I do. Most of my couplings are taken from old '70s porn.  I like to think I am elevating it, transubstantiation, if you will.  Creating something divine from the mundane. That essentially may sum up the sex act.

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