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Alejandro Tejeda Mora

Cuban born Alejandro Tejeda Mora’s intension is to represent the Cuban identity in each character he paints from the sensibilities of an artist who understands how cultural nuances are seen in every bodily movement. But it is how he makes visible the expressions, actions, satires and irony of life in Cuba which places him among the most interesting of modern painters. His use of light is similar to the Baroque painters like Vermeer and Rembrandt as is his eye for catching the most dramatic point in a scene. One second earlier or later and the work is diminished. In Pintura, if the subject’s finger is not pointing at exactly the correct angle, the painting loses its meaning.


The intense ever present Cuban sunlight bleaches and sanctifies the filthiest of garments and magnifies every crack in a decaying wall. In El Manicero, while the young, caught in infatuation under the sun, ignore the viewer, the old man looks directly into your eyes and pleads with you to buy a few peanuts.  Alejandro states that he wants to draw in the viewer into scene where the character is subdued by the architecture that dominates almost the entire composition. At the same time enticing the viewer to wonder - how many stories can these characters tell us; and how many of these are revealed within the conscious revelations of the painting.


Alejandro was born in Santa Clara, Cuba in 1986 where he was an engraver, painter and professor. He graduated from the SanAlejandro Academy of Art in 2005. He currently resides in Miami. He has exhibited paintings in art centers located in Spain,Portugal, Panama and Cuba and is the recipient of numerous awards. 

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